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Το περιοδικό της ELSA Thessaloniki , “Expressis Verbis” It offers you the possibility to publish your legal work.

Those students wishing to prepare legal work for publication in the Journal, They should send the e-mail address – expressis.verbis@elsa-greece.org –
message that will indicate the title, the subject of the article and the literature to be used for the writing of.

The deadline for declarations expires on 15/12/2016. Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι θα λάβουν ειδικές οδηγίες συγγραφής στην προσωπική τους διεύθυνση ηλ. mail, after dispatch of the declaration.

Below are listed indicative – not exclusive – article titles:

1. Exceeded a reasonable time of the trial were: could justify an attenuating circumstance under 84 KP violation of fair trial (article 6) ECHR;
2. The affidavits as evidence in the new Code of Civil Procedure: it is possible to replace the hearing;
3. The effect of ISIS as crimes against humanity.
4. It's time to introduce in Greece Constitutional Court;
5. Enforce government claims- seizure in the hands of third parties.
6. West deal – Iran on nuclear weapons.
7. law minors: institution Article 54 KP - alternative and milder forms of punishment.
8. The online publication as a condition of the auction status: leadership or hurdle to fair trial;
9. Adaptation of Copyright Law in the modern technological world.
10. The principle of non-refoulement of refugees and the international obligations of Greece as arising from the European Union Law and the Geneva Convention,el.
11. The legislative framework red loans.

Expressis Verbis.
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