ELSA Thessaloniki

Board of Directors


My name is Diomedes Afentoulis. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, they attend. This year's academic year I find myself now in its third year of my studies.

My acquaintance with the ELSA already held by the first year of my studies, when I participated in several interactive programs and legal actions. The second year found me in the position of Special Foreign Relations Associate, and so I was born my intense interest in the areas of administration and representation of the association.

The current academic year is going to serve the goals of the association from the post of president. My main concern the well communication of Board members, the successful maintenance of external relations ELSA Thessaloniki and of course the healthy expansion of this cooperation at local, national and international level.



My name is Diomidis Afentoulis. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki where I, actually, started my studies. This academic season I will be going through the third year of my studies in Aristotle University.

My acquaintance with ELSA started already from my first year in Law School participating in many interacting projects. The second year of my studies found me in the position the Director for External Relations, where I initially got the BEE germ.

For the current year I will be serving as the President of ELSA Thessaloniki aiming at a productive and successful ELSA season. My main goals are the well going communication between the board members, the successful ongoing of external relations of ELSA Thessaloniki and last but not least the healthy expansion of its cooperations on topical, national and international level.