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Thanks to the sponsors of the Student Trainee Exchange Programme by the Board of ELSA Thessaloniki

Regarding the operation of the program S.T.E.P. of ELSA International, the Board of ELSA Thessaloniki 2013/2014 thanks very much:
– Confectionery «Blé» and especially their Tzika masters and Pechlivanis for the sponsorship of the cake in STEP Party held Sunday 8 December 2013.
– The translation agency «Lexithiria» especially the lady Margarita Ioannidou for the substantial contribution and significant contribution to the implementation of the program S.T.E.P. on the cover living expenses for the first STEPper who came to Thessaloniki.
– The bookshop "Ianos" for the sponsorship of the welcome packages of STEPpers
– in OASTH. for the generous sponsorship card season ticket for journeys of STEPpers.