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Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Seminars and ConferencesSeminars and Conferences (S&C)

O Seminars and Conferences sector is one of the three main themes (Key Areas) the ELSA. Το φάσμα των δραστηριοτήτων του είναι ευρύ και προσφέρει στα μέλη της ELSA πολλές δυνατότητες να αναπτύξουν τις δεξιότητές τους, broaden their horizons and live unique experiences. The activities of the S domain&C are:

Seminars and Conferences:
Seminars, Conferences and Legal Workshops at national, and international level. Specifically, The organization of these actions contribute to the expansion of legal knowledge of participants and deeper understanding of a topic.

Law Schools:
Summer and Winter Law Schools across Europe (in addition to Dubai and China), through which academic enriched – legal knowledge and the student learns in addition to the operation and other European legal systems, which are in most cases, placed in a comparative analysis..

know as Study Visits:
Educational visits to local branches ELSA and foreign universities and interaction with other members of ELSA.

Institutional Visits:
Educational visits to institutions in Greece and abroad (international Organizations). Specifically, οι επισκέψεις σε Διεθνείς και Τοπικούς οργανισμούς αλλά και σε κρατικούς φορείς συμβάλλουν στην εμπέδωση της πρακτικής όψης του νομικού επαγγέλματος.

ELSA Delegations:
Representation of ELSA International at the United Nations conferences, Council of Europe, Intellectual Property Organization and other institutions.

Foreign Language Courses Legal Terminology:
In cooperation with the Foreign Language Center Galileo Galilei, πραγματοποιούνται μαθήματα ξενόγλωσσης νομικής ορολογίας τα οποία εφοδιάζουν τα μέλη της ELSA Thessaloniki με ικανοποιητικού επιπέδου γνώση των όρων που απαιτούνται σε αλλοδαπά νομικά συστήματα.