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past Actions

International Presidents’ Meeting

logo-ipm-copyTo International Presidents’ Meeting (IPM) - International Conference of Presidents is an international, Administrative Conference of ELSA organized twice a year and each National Association ELSA has the right to send representatives. During the conference days the participants have the opportunity to develop their managerial skills, to create links between National Societies and promote cooperation among the ELSA Network.

The summer IPM 2015 successfully held in Thessaloniki in time 26-30 August 2015. The conference took place on site Holiday Inn. Participants in their spare time they toured in historical and cosmic signs of Thessaloniki, while visiting the beaches of Halkidiki.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/ipmthessaloniki2015/?fref=ts


ELSA Thessaloniki Winter Law School on Migration Law and Refugee Issues

winter-copyThe Winter School ELSA Thessaloniki (ELSA Thessaloniki Winter Law School) on the Immigration and Refugee Law (Migration Law and Refugee Issues) the time held 1-8 December 2015 Naoussa Imathia under the auspices of Amnesty International, Regional Unity Central Macedonia - Imathia Antiperifereias and the Bar Association of Veria.

Visibly affected by the overall situation taking place in recent years in the southeastern Mediterranean Coast, the refugee be part of everyday, domestic affairs and faithful to the vision of, The ELSA Thessaloniki hosted the first Winter School in history attracting over in Naoussa 50 Law students and related disciplines from across Europe.

During the Conference, delivered lectures approached issues like migration waves in Europe, the Dublin Convention, the legal status of immigrants and refugees, the issue of unaccompanied refugee, the issue of asylum and various other related topics. Special thanks for their presence and their contributions will be refunded to the speakers: Ms.. Akrivopoulou Christina, Ms.. Galatsopoulou Fani, κ. Tsitselikis Constantine, κ. Papageorgiou Ioannis, κ. Sarigiannidis Miltiades, Ms.. Peraki Naskou Paroula, κ. Takis Andreas, κ. Matsaridi George kg. Claudia Barbarano and of course the representatives of Amnesty International.

The work of the Winter School held in the Star site in Naoussa, while organized visit to the Center for Refugee Accommodation in Idomeni, where volunteer work offered by the Winter School participants. in addition to, made tours to the archaeological site of Vergina, the School of Aristotle, the springs of Pozar and the historic town of Naoussa.

More information on page ELSA Thessaloniki Winter Law School on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ELSA-Thessaloniki-Winter-Law-School-on-Migration-Law-Refugee-Issues-944552792273078/?fref=ts

1st Intercontinental Conference on War Law and Armed Conflicts Law

official-pictureThe 1st Intercontinental Congress on the Law of War and Armed Conflict held in Thessaloniki in time 12-15 8th of May 2016 in the context of cooperation ELSA Thessaloniki with the ALSAKorea. The conference took place in the Balkan Studies Institute premises Peninsula and in the auditorium of the Central Library of AUTH. Participants drafted a pre-congress phase up work on issues around the central theme in support of the academic partner Assistant. Professor. Sarigiannidis Miltiades, and then they presented the findings of their investigation enopion stakeholders. Alongside the conference, participants did not lose the opportunity to tour the sights of Thessaloniki and get to know the special features of the city.

For more information about the Conference: https://www.facebook.com/1intercontinentalconference/?fref=ts