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academic Activities (AA)

Academic Activities - Academic Activities (AA)

The AA area aims at substantial legal education of students and develop their legal knowledge, both in theory and in practice. In line with these fundamental elements, sector academic activities of ELSA Thessaloniki focuses on the organization of successful local and international actions, Each is further possible to differentiate them and adding new,el, since this particular area is receptive to any project that seeks a smooth transition from the floor to the workplace and the exercise of legal skills,el.

specifically, in the AA field conducted the following activities:

Groups Legal Research (Legal Research GroupsLRG): The Legal Research was one of the main objectives of ELSA from the first years of creation, as early as the 80s was one of the main purposes of the Organization. Legal Research Groups created in the local, national and international level.

A legal research group consists of young lawyers and law students,el, which are designed to test a given thematic legal interest and then export the scientific conclusions,el. National groups are invited to consider the issue in their national legislation and the present writing. Subsequently, edited by ELSA International, becomes the essential composition of all national surveys for the issue and present a final result.

In the year 2015 successfully held in Thessaloniki Legal Research concerning the legal status of same-sex couples in the European Union in cooperation with ELSA ELSA Amsterdam and Luxembourg,el.

The link of the previous publication: https://issuu.com/elsa_thessaloniki/docs/corrected.lrg_on_status_of_same-sex

Lawyers at Work (L@In): Visits to places of legal interest, in order to present the legal profession in practice in these areas and highlight their particular characteristics,el.

Legal Debates: Legal arguments Games at which any particular debate controversial legal issue, Directed person academia. To conduct the two groups formed race, which after their research, They argue opposing views on a specific topic being discussed. Each group is called with arguments to support its opinion on the matter and carried out in this way a constructive dialogue.

Legal Courses: Lessons- seminar character workshops with specific and constant frequency to acquire skills and practical knowledge.

Legal Essay Competitions: Competitions texts writing on issues with legal interest,el.